Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lift Installed

Got the 4-post lift installed this past weekend and finished the hydraulics on Thursday. Bought it on line for $1550 delivered, including jack tray, castors and 3 drip trays. Had it delivered to work, the boys unloaded with a forklift and reloaded into my 16' car trailer. 1600 pounds, and 14'x2'x2'. it was a brute of a package.

Got it home and spent 2 hours maneuvering pieces out one-by-one. When they say you need an overhead crane or a few friends, they were right. But, I did it all myself using engineering prowess with a table jack, dolly, and floor jack. The impact driver made quick work of the countless 24mm bolts holding the parts together. The drive-on platforms were by far the heaviest. But, I did manage it myself and lived to tell about it. Here's some pics of the 3 girls in their 2-car garage. And, I still have the 16x35ft woodworking workshop full of auto parts. Hmmmm...gotta solve that one soon. Bye for now, gott go do more bondo as it is sunny!!!!

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