Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PAINT -And some assembly required

Here's the Goal: #311 FProduction Race car with livery reminscent of Datsun color scheme.

Got the firewall and tranny tunnel painted last week. That helped me free up space by re-installing the motor (after being out a year+). Bolted and safety-wired the tranny cross member bolts in place while I was at it. Slight frustration by breaking two 1/16" drill bits on the bolts. I think a drill press fixture may be in the works to steady the bolts for this process.

Then, with that done, a few pics taken in the sun, and roll her back indoors for paint inside the main area and trunk spaces. But not before the neighbor kids waddled by for a look see on my progress. Man, mom needs a new hobby or somethin'...10 kids ?!?!?! Go for a swim!
They asked that I keep the fumes to a minimum in the future. I'll see what I can do.

Inside is now painted with 3 coats or 2-part base and 3-part clearcoated with 3 coats. I'm not too impressed with my clearcoating skills. I think the inside of a car is a bitch to paint, especially, with effectively a 12" paint gun ( including the feed bowl and attached pressure regulator) and a few more inches for the rigid air hose coupling. Add to that the clear, which with my eyes and fogged glasses I can't see...well, you get the idea. Yes, I was cussing and getting my face full of spray. Wouldn't have that problem if I had a $10k paint booth would I? Fortunately, everything comes off my glasses with a good soap and water rub. Too bad I can't see that well while I'm painting tho.
Anyway, the results aren't horrific and I'm hopefully building skills for the important outer panels that are next. One can easily see the difference between a $700 Seta paint gun and my set from Costco.

Time to go to bed and rest. Still have that full-time job to go to. No sign of the neighbor kids.
Some assembly can happen now while I forget what a bitch the painting was. I'll call this next phase prep work for the outer panel paint effort later. Maybe when I'm done with this phase I will have forgotten the painting frustration.

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