Sunday, July 20, 2008

Major Progress This Time

Oil Cooling system.... done
Fuel System... done
Fire system....done (c'ept for last 2 fittings in dash/trunk) awaiting dash/rear firewall.
Battery Box.....done
Tranny tunnel cover...done
Shifter Cover...done
Driveshaft Install....done
Rear Brakes....done
Dash pour...done
Ok, now the pics !!!
Engine with all new Aeroquip fittings and hoses

Canton Oil cooler bypass plate, Aeroquip plumbing, and B&M Cooler.

Safecraft 5lb Halon System. Will have the pull handle mounted to the side of the tranny tunnel.
Custom non-conductive light weight battery box (UHMW).
Super light weight jet-ski Odyssey battery (695 CCAmps).
Custom home-fabbed aluminum tranny tunnel with shifter inset. Floor pad on driver's side too.

2-Part poured foam dash. Swells a lot!

Shaved to desired contour. Next is to spray contact adhesive, lay on headliner foam, and smooth on the black suade cover material.

Fuel cell, pump, and filter. Fire supression nozzle waiting for rear deck cover before final fitment.
Fuel cell breather filter. Using the old fuel fill location on the back trunk panel.

Floor pan and tranny tunnel plates. Nice swirls in the finish eh?


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