Monday, January 1, 2007

Included are first pics from my Datsun SPL311 Racecar. I bought the car on Craigslist because my better half didn't want me spending the time converting my recently acquired 1969 MGB GT into a racer. Now we are a 5 car family of 3 and my 4-year-old has chosen the 1991 Track/Street Miata as hers (wise kid since it's at 58k miles). In this blog, I hope to show some of the "progress" of getting the car, which sat for 3 years, up to race ready condition.

My hope is to gain some understanding of the car and gain some long-term friends in the group. I have been a solo cat for too long and my wife is very understanding in my mid-life need to find speed and camaraderie. I hope this blog can serve to show some pics to generate ideas as well as constructive feedback.

I was VERY lucky in that this car came with LOTS of extras. For example:
6 cranks
3 blocks
6 rocker arms with rockers
2 CI heads
3 Aluminum heads
5 cams
1 full race engine w/7.5 qt aluminum pan
1 extra full front suspension
guages galore
extra pit wheels
3 trannys
3 sets springs and rods
countless extras
New HP exhaust Comps

I have 2 Momo Start Searts
G-Force 6-Pt Cam-lok Harnesses
8 Gal RCI Fuel cell

I realize I am a luckey SOB and do not take any of this for granted.

Now...let's build this damn thing into a track monster. Thanks for your feedback.

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