Thursday, January 25, 2007


Totally taking the engine apart to both learn it and make sure it is good to go for thrashing about the tracks. Found out that is NOT good to go, so it was very good I went through this exercise.
Although the Aluminum head is in great shape (just needs some passage cleaning), I will take out the valves to make sure the seats are good. I'll check the spring rates at work while they are out.

Unfortunately, 3 very bad things have been discovered in my work.
First, this #$$^!@# crank end bolt will not come off...yet. I broke a socket and a crescent wrench trying. Off to Sears for another 28mm socket. Tomorrow I'll put the torch to it and see if it'll help release. Maybe I won't tell them about hammering on it?!?

Next, I discovered 2 cam lobes pitted. Severely pitted. This, to my unexperienced eye, screams engine death if worked hard in a race. It's gotta come out, but @&$^$^ bolt has to budge first. I'm now ondering wha tthe hell caused such carnage. No bits were found in the draining stage. Perhaps more experienced folks will chime in.

3-Main looks OK from this point.....

And then it appeared....

In 2 places....

So next task is to get out the Crank-end bolt and remove the timing chain/cam.

Some other pics of the process. Clutch/Flywheel

Couldn't tell what these bits are sticking out from the block near the "A". But they helped the oil pan seal leak.
I'm thinking that these will be "before" shots for the pending paint job.

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