Saturday, March 3, 2007


The Roadster has been stripped of her old and patchy 3-color paint. Plastic media was used to remove the paint (sandblast style).

Some residual red areas are left. This is the original primer that has a good stick. No reason to really get all of it off. Will just primer over it.

Here are pics of the body and panels before paint. We actually got a sunny day here in Oregon. On a Saturday no less!!!! And I'm taking advantage of it!!!

Looks kinda small in that big trailer.....Got plenty of head room for the victory parties inside!But, it fits.Here are the panels...YARD SALE ! Doors look like they will need the most body work. Hood isn't too bad. Just need to fill the DATSUN logo holes.

Dang, rust through holes, but not rusty. My guess is this driver's front quarter got hit and somewhat rebuilt. Fuel cell box is the nicest thing on this car now.
Inside now, warm and dry...well, as dry as can be in Oregon.

This is interesting if your monitor is good. In the following shotthere are three types of fillers used. going clockwise from 9 o'clock, there's bondo between the panels. This was from PO. Shiney silver is factory lead fill. Blue is #2 PO bondo work. I think I'll sand it and make a #4 offering.

This tunnel shot makes me think the car has taken a hard hit in its previous life. Hard to tell if it was racing or not. The body and frame numbers don't match.

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