Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back Finally !!!!

After much time moving into the new house (last July...sheesh!), the car is finally being worked on again in earnest.

Much to my surprise, I was fortunate enough to hook up with Joe again at TopTechMotorsports to check the engine over. It had been sitting for some time who knew what evils lie inside after the precedence made with first motor tradgedy.
Fantastic bonus was that Joe built that motor many moons ago. Man he knows alot !!!! Good thing I had him review it because the dizzy was out 180 degrees. Rest seems good for a race season. Tranny is looking good too and reportedly has special German syncros in it. I dunno what that means, but someday I'll know the difference they make.
I installed a different clutch pack that was part of the original lot of parts from the car buy. I think it'll be a good change.

Lightened Flywheel for quicker revs out of the corners

Old / New clutch option. Note the backing place is very different. (Besides the rust)

Got tranny cleaned and ready.

Inside of the bell housing showing clutch arm and thow-out bearing. Both lookin' good.

Good looking motor...needs a tranny :-)

Flywheel attached. Used the Blue treadlock here and on the clutch pack bolts.

Flywheel and clutch pack in place. Just add tranny.

4 Bolts and it ready for install. But the rest of the car isn't :-(

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