Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brakes clean-up and teardown

Must rebuild the brakes since the insides are an unknown. If there's rust, better to know before trying unsuccessfully to stop going into turn one.

A before look of the front brake assy...

Front Dunlop/Sumitomo Disc...Not pretty. I really Hope it isn't rusted inside because they are over $280 a pair.

Cleaned the caliper....and clear coated with high temp paint.

Pulled the pistons apart. Good thing I did because they were starting to rust. I hand worked the inside surfaces with 1200 grit paper to remove as mush rust and pitting as possible. Now reassembled, clean, and ready to be re-mounted and filled with fluid.

Rear drums. Cast Aluminum with a steel insert brake surface.

And after. I may repaint these black since the Panasport rims are silver.

Next is rebuilding the rear brake piston assemblies.

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