Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grass Valley- Still No Power

The excitement of the first race in Grass valley's new Oregon Raceway Park was the most anticipated race of the schedule for me. I headed out for the 3 hour drive to SouthEast of the Dalles. Got there at Friday after the drivers training had completed. Unfortunately, the other drivers had anticipated the race as well and parking was at a premium by the time I arrived. I dropped the trailer and car off in my assigned paddock space and found myself a camping spot 1/8-1/4 mile away down a gravel road.

I learned that in Eastern Oregon it gets pretty cold at night. Being in the high plains with the 30mph winds got things quite chilly. It carried into the morning. Sweatshirts under jackets with a head cover was necessary all day. The car wasn't quite running right, but I sensed it was all a function of the carbs needing adjusted.

The first run was frustrating in that I had almost no power up the hills. But, the car did run and the track was a blast.

The organizers see to it that the Novices get screwed on run times. We're the last before lunch (practice), a mandatory lunch meeting and the first run ("quals") after lunch. Since the car ran like crap, I had no time to work on it between runs. I skipped the quals to save what I did have in a car for the race. After all, it is my 4ht year trying to get through the novice program.

The race saw me run dead last with the car having almost no power to pull up the many hills of the course. But, I did get another race logged. YEAH!!!

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