Friday, August 13, 2010

Purrs like a kitten

Since the head gasket looked like it was about to blow through again, I took the engine completely apart. I then took the block in to have it decked flat. It wasn't far off, but I was going to make sure that block wasn't going to be an issue. Since the head had been rubbed on extensively by Verne Colvin of BRE history, the compression was already high. I had the machine shop check it and we couldn't see light between it and a stright edge.

Then it was down to reassembly, which I thought was pretty straight forward. And yes, I put everything back where it came from (rods, valves, pistons, bearings, etc.). Although I did fix the maxed out dizzy advance by putting it in one gear back as it should have been before. This would give me more adjustability.

Refilled fluids and cranked the engine for 20 seconds to build oil pressure. Plugged the coil in and hit the starter. It started right up and purred like never before. A slight tweak of the timing and carbs settings and it was running smooth and had quick throttle response.

There's a race this weekend so I packed her up and dropper her at the track so as to have a good pit and pit layout. AND, it's supposed to be 100degrees Saturday. O joy!!!

I will update with details of how she runs. Wish us luck.

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Neil said...

HI Bill.
looks like a great project. You have no contact info on blog How would I reach you?